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30 April
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Bio For E3 Press Events (2003): Since the 80’s, I have been covering the video game industry as a member of the media. I have attended E3 for six years. I did not go to the show when it moved to Atlanta for three years in the 90’s.

I am the Senior Correspondent for the New Digital Reporter.com, a daily digital lifestyle multimedia magazine and a regular contributor to Future Technology News (www.i4u.com) that is syndicated through moreover.com and Google News.

Currently, I am developing a new online edition for my local independent newspaper, VigilanceOnline (www.olympicvigilance.org) and a corporate online WebLog format Magazine directed towards x/y-geners for Juice Battery (www.juicebattery.com), a new battery brand launching in July.

I will contribute multimedia stories from E3 2003 to both news sites. Both sites will be syndicated later in the year.

The NewDigitalReporter.com (NDR) has been covering high-technology scene through online digital photo reports since November 1999. The focus of the online periodical is to use off-the-shelf cutting-edge technology to collect and publish information ASAP for a connected international community/audience. Last year (2001), the online zine published over 25,000 images online for publications and individuals to access and use, providing copyright credit was given and there was a link to NewDigitalReporter.com.

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